1st (Friday) July 2011 – 4th (Monday) Sárospatak.

Doors open to the

13.”ZSÁKOMBAN A BÁBOM” („Puppet in my Pocket”)

International Puppet Festival, a gathering for one-two person and chamber puppet theatres,
as well as puppeteers performing solo productions

the 8th Arts Teaching Conference

Those who get lost in the hugeness of large theatres,
those who are forced onto streets or studio theatres,
they all find their place explicitly here in Sárospatak,
Over the last quarter century productions have arrived
from every continent. We have seen everyone; from the puppeteer playing with his one-and-a-half centimetre puppets to those with their giant puppets on three-metre stilts.

The place of the actor and teacher is similar – on the stage and
in front of the class both are trying to win over the audience.
Puppetry plays an eminent role in preparing viewers to love drama and
in developing a child’s personality.
This is what the
Arts Teaching Conference makes clear with the aim of enriching everyone – teacher, therapist and puppeteer alike – with expert and contemporary methods.

This is the aim and method of the Sárospatak teacher training and public education.